First Concentrated task for new MA Media Production students

On Thursday the 6th of October Ken Fero will be introducing the first part of the project for the first terms work.

We will be working to produce artifacts, with an online component, that documents and expresses the concerns and details of a group demonstrating in London on Saturday 29th of October. A coach will leave from Ellen Terry at 8.30am on that morning.

Ken will talk to you all about the details of that project on the late afternoon of Thursday 6th of October.


20th October Lanchester Gallery

On the 19th and to present in the Lanchester gallery in the Graham Sutherland building we will be showcasing some of the more experimental work from the current students on the MA in Media Production.
We will be showing some of their pieces from the residential trip to the Inner Hebrides and possibly some of the final project pieces.

It will also be an opportunity for the new MA students to show their first short project.

Create you own blog research Direct Cinema

Go to and create you own blog.
Use you own name and place a small image of yourself on the blog so that we can identify you visually with your work.

Alongside your first film making task we want you to research the Direct Cinema movement.

Write 500 words or more and link to some of the work, ideas, approaches that they took up. Watch some of their films, an awful lot of their work can be found online.
Use the blog creatively to embed clips and links to resources that you have found.

Some other possible links that may be of interest.

Maysles Brothers:


Grey Gardens;

Marlon Brando;


What is your own opinion of their approach and work. Do you think it powerful or in some way bogus?

Welcome to the MA and the first task

Welcome to the MA in Media Production at Coventry University for the academic year 2011/12. We are going to start you off on some practical tasks really quickly as the year on the Media Production modules will be about making and reflecting on making.

The first task will have strict boundaries about the way that we are asking you to work. We want you to produce a 2minute, no more no less, on a place where people meet or congregate publicly in Coventry or the town where you are. This might be the market, the shopping centre, Cathedral, or union building, sporting event. You need to chose thos yourself.

You will be showing and sharing your work at an event on the 20th of October so the turnaround will be quite quick. This will be an introduction to an event that you will all be participating and filming in London at the end of October and will form the basis of your work in the first two modules on the Media Production course.

We want the first task to strip away all unnecessary ornament to the filming process and for it to be as direct and simple as possible. We are looking at your approach and the impact that your piece has.

For this task your restrictions and starting point come from the approach of Drew and Leacock with the coining of the filming approach called direct cinema.

Watch the clip below and remember the restrictions they imposed on themselves:

Stick with the rules below for your 2min piece.

1.Shooting hand held no tripods
2.No lights
3.No questions
4.Never ask anyone to do anything
5.Shoot and shoot and shoot
6.Don’t produce a film lecture
7.Forget word logic and try to find a visual dramatic logic
8.Capture the sound at same time as visuals, don’t mess with the sound.

Before you begin you need to do some more research on the Direct Cinema movement. Who were they? What films did they make? What subjects did they gravitate towards?

Document your own research on your blog before you begin your own short direct cinema piece.