Camera Loan (Make sure Equipment Back Monday AM!)

I have pre warned the loan shop that we will be booking cameras for the filming trip to London this Saturday.
I am not able to borrow the equipment for you so you will have to book cameras out on your own student cards.
I think it would be sensible for us to take the two GH2’s and one of the Canon 5d’s. With the remainder as either z1’s or z5’s. I will also try and book on my card two edirol sound recorders to back up the DSLR’s.
For those using the DSLR’s you will need SD cards to record onto. I think the GH2’s have a 16gb card already but am not sure of the card in the Canon 5D’s.
For the Z1’s or Z5’s you will need some mini dv tapes at least three per camera to record necessary shots and interviews.

As absolute final backup I have a sound recorder and my own Sony HD video camera just in case of problems.

I will see you all on Thursday. The FCP intro runs in the ICE base room from 1pm to 3pm. Ken and I will see you afterwards.


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