Visit Ikon Gallery Birmingham Thursday 1st March open 11am -6pm

I thought it would be useful for students when considering their experimental approaches to go and see several artists work at Ikon Gallery Birmingham.
Several of these pieces are non narrative experimental responses to events and activities which will allow you to see how artists approach the non narrative and attempt to make a coherent experience for the viewer.

The museum and exhibitions are free and the galleries are open from 11am to 6pm.
Ikon Gallery
1 Oozells Square
B1 2HS

Set aside Thursday 1st March to visit and spend a few hours looking at the following exhibitions: Ikon web address

Hamish Fulton
Sarah Browne
Postcards from Japan


Thurasday 23rd Feb 1pm

Hi all remember those that were at the session last week were asked to go and shoot their own footage and record their own sound for a one minute experimental piece that tracks the change of light and atmosphere from dusk to dark.
Whatever you have acheived please turn up so that we can share and discuss.

I set a task today for more practice before our residential trip to Skye in March, setting off on the 22nd March at 8.30am.

For the 23rd of Feb next week I want people to shoot, on the best cameras that they can get their hands on, a 1 min experimental piece on the change from Dusk to Dark. You can focus on any aspect of that change from light to dark.

It lends itself to lots of different approaches, split screen, stop motion, time-lapse etc.
Don’t use any music placed on the piece focus on the sounds that you capture while filming and any other sounds that you record in this transition between light and dark.

Some example time lapse films, and i am not suggesting that this is what you do can be found here at Philip Bloom’s site. Remember to put all of your experiments online so that they can be seen on your blog.

Some time lapse resources: Tutorial Video

Dubai 28 hour timelapse from Gerald Donovan on Vimeo.

February 2nd

Over the next couple of weeks I want us to make a few very short experimental pieces perhaps 20 seconds long for each one.
Within these I want you to experiment with time, screen space and sound.

I am going to give you three themes to work with to make two or more 20 second pieces:

Fire, Water, sky.

You can treat these how you want the only criteria is that it has to be visually interesting and unusual.

These have to be ready to show for February 16th.

There is no formal session next week as I am at a conference. Use this and next week to shoot and edit and to become more familiar with capture and editing.

A useful article on Apples new algorithm for slow motion (optical flow) can be found here

An example of optical flow in Apples new FCPX

Another example of optical flow

Another Optical Flow link