Zero project


Source: Zero project

The blog needs to have more information and comment about the process of your work. It is useful to show us the stages that your work goes through. This could include the initial rough cut and then how you change it through the course of the edit.
Others have shown screen shots of this process and also talk about their approach to the project, camera used, editing software, how you found your subject. What you found difficult.
It is also good to have some comments from you about what you thought about your own piece. What worked out well for you? What wasn’t as good in your eyes and why.
We have also shown you a range of approaches in the lead up to you making your own piece, what influenced you, what did you think of the things that we showed you?
The piece itself focuses on nails and putting new nails on then decorating them. It should be 3mins long but is 3.37. The shots are fine, clear and in focus but the shot is pretty much all the same all the way through the piece. It would have been good, even if people didn’t want to show their faces to have a shot over the head of the woman doing the work that showed the client and her from a different position. It would also have been good to show the space that this was happening within to give the viewers more of an idea of where they were. Was it in a shop, was it in a private space?

You need to show more of your process and much more about how you made your decisions about filming. Why you choose the shots that you did, what worked well, what was difficult, what were the stages of the edit?


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