Exam Board 25th September

Dear all the final exam board was today. The external was really pleased with the overall quality of work. He looked at everyone’s final project.
The marks have all been agreed at the board and will be up on solar soon for you to see.

Thanks for your participation in the course Ken and I have enjoyed your company and your work the year has gone by too quickly.




It is really important that all of you update your blogs and embed your final project videos within your blog so that Ken, the external examiner and me can see your final projects and watch them.
Please place your films online by the end of the day on Friday 14th September at the latest.

Tuesday June 12th

For those that are not visiting London on Friday 8th June I will be available in ICE on the morning of Tuesday the 12th of June until midday to discuss any of the ideas that you have.
E-mail me on nicholasmid@googlemail.com if you want to see me on Tuesday.

Important Dates

Dates Below are really important:

Ken and I have given you a further two weeks to complete your three experimental pieces post the Skye trip. We looked at work in progress today and there were a number of really interesting pieces. Many were really moving towards structuralist pieces particularly with the use of imagery. Some work with the sound was also interesting but could be more clearly focused in terms of breaking sound elements apart and reconstituting them in different forms.

17th May 12 ICE: Ken will be available to look at interim edits before the following week.

24th May 12 ICE :You will all present your final three experimental pieces from Skye. (I will be in ICE at 9.30am to offer comments before the afternoon showing)
In the afternoon we will mark your pieces and give feedback.

Friday June 8th London Trip Travel Independently to Tate Britain meet 12 on Tate Britain steps. See some video and sound installation examples. Afterwards discuss ideas for final project pieces.

Between June 8th and 21st June develop final project ideas.

June 12th I will be available in ICE FROM 10am to discuss any final project ideas.

June 28th 12 ICE Pitch your Final Project Ideas to us. (Feedback)