Important Dates

Dates Below are really important:

Ken and I have given you a further two weeks to complete your three experimental pieces post the Skye trip. We looked at work in progress today and there were a number of really interesting pieces. Many were really moving towards structuralist pieces particularly with the use of imagery. Some work with the sound was also interesting but could be more clearly focused in terms of breaking sound elements apart and reconstituting them in different forms.

17th May 12 ICE: Ken will be available to look at interim edits before the following week.

24th May 12 ICE :You will all present your final three experimental pieces from Skye. (I will be in ICE at 9.30am to offer comments before the afternoon showing)
In the afternoon we will mark your pieces and give feedback.

Friday June 8th London Trip Travel Independently to Tate Britain meet 12 on Tate Britain steps. See some video and sound installation examples. Afterwards discuss ideas for final project pieces.

Between June 8th and 21st June develop final project ideas.

June 12th I will be available in ICE FROM 10am to discuss any final project ideas.

June 28th 12 ICE Pitch your Final Project Ideas to us. (Feedback)



I have e-mailed Stefan so that all Media Production students have a weeks extension on their essays for the various modules you have opted for.

Stefan is trying to organise this as a blanket extension for all Media Production students for the reason that you have had a week away filming in Skye so haven’t been able to work on your other modules.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this request.



Post Skye Trip

The trip to Skye I felt was very productive and I enjoyed it.

Just to make clear what the expectations are as a result of the trip. Both Ken and I want you to really use the experience of Skye and editing the material subsequently as a way of thinking about your approach to your final project.

We don’t want to stop people from pushing their own ideas but really want you to think about the style you want to achieve and how this can begin to be the development of your own look and visual language.

For the artifacts produced from the audio and visuals shot in Skye we want you to produce at three, very carefully crafted 3 minute pieces. These will comprise:

  • One Three Minute Audio only Piece. Mixing and cutting sounds recorded in the landscape and also at the college on Skye
  • One three minute visual only piece, without audio.
  • One three minute audio and visual piece. The sounds used in this piece cannot be from sounds captured at the same time as the visuals

Ken will be showing you examples of approaches next Thursday 25th April at 12 in ICE.

You then have until the 10th of May when, from 12 in ICE on the 10th of May you will show us the three rough cuts you have made. This extra week will give you more time after getting your other work complete. It is important that you are all there on the 9th of May.

Skye Trip Details

On the Thursday 12th April 8.30am I will collect from each of you the £110 for the trip so I can pay the hostel etc.

Wednesday 11th April 3pm

It is important that a number of you go the Media Loan Shop at Ellen Terry and borrow the equipment on your cards. All equipment has been booked already together with a small projector to view our footage while we are away.
Diana has kindly offered to store all of the equipment in her house around the corner for the night before taking it to Ellen Terry for leaving early the next morning. She will need help with this both on Wednesday and early Thursday morning.

I am fetching the mini bus on Wednesday but hope to be back to be at the Loan shop at 3pm.

Thursday April 12th 8.30am

Meet at ICE. Load equipment and ourselves and luggage onto the mini bus. Set off by 9.15am.
Remember bring warm clothes, waterproof boots and waterproof tops and trousers. It has just snowed again on the mountains today 5-6inches!

We will stop an number of times on the way up at about 3-4 hour intervals.

You might want to record some of the journey as part of your piece as well.

Arrival about 9.30pm Skyewalker Hostel. The Hostel is self catering, I will get some breakfast things in for the first morning and then we can shop. A few people brought some stuff with them last year. Its up to you. But don’t overload yourselves.

Friday 9am

I will meet you at the Hostel and we need to prepare cameras, charge batteries, weather hoods, etc. Please bring your own DV Tapes or sdcards for the cameras, whichever you use. It is your responsibility to make sure these are kept safe by you as they are your record and archive.

11am Fishfarm Portnalong

The guys at the Salmon farm are going to take some of you out in the boats to see how they work and what they do. An opportunity for some underwater filming from the side of the boat.

Afternoon/Evening/Night Landscape filming


Talisker who are owned by huge group Diageo have refused us to film inside. It is possible to film from outside and also go on one of the tours as a few of you were interested. One of the old workers at Talisker who has retired is happy to talk and be filmed by you if you want.

Cuillins and Fairy Pools


Trip To Raasay Island and Hallaig

Ferry over, ferry back. Lunch at the Hotel.

Filming locally in the evening.


AM Possible trip for a group out on Prawn/Lobster Boat.

Sea and Sky Filming Quirang

(Wind Farm)


Visit University mid afternoon. The traditional music school are going to put on an informal performance using traditional instruments. They are happy for us to record this.

Evening meal in pub.

Tuesday Leave Hostel Travel Back South.

The itinerary may change depending on weather.

Thursday 8th December from 12 midday

Looking forward to hearing/seeing your initial ideas for your experimental films. We will go through each persons ideas and share and discuss them within the group.

Don’t forget the food for after 5pm. Ken and I want to give you feedback on how you are getting on before we break for the holidays.

See you all tomorrow.

Thursday 1st December ICE 12 Oclock

Can we all meet in the ICE base room at 12 o clock. I am putting the website together and don’t seem to have pictures of the families ready. Can we all make sure that we have pictures of the families/victims that are ready to give to me so that I can add them to the pages of the website.
You can name them …….familyname.jpg.

We will be checking on blogs again so make sure that you are beginning to get into the habit of responding to what we show you, making reference to things that have influenced you, talking about your own work that you are beginning to make.

In the session we will be going over the content from the RSA for their competition and also looking at some more examples of experimental pieces.